My name is Joshua Rivers and I am a podcast coach and producer. I starting my own podcast in early 2013 and started helping others with their podcasts in 2015. I started Podcast Guy Media, LLC, in 2016.

Over the years, I have helped create thousands of podcast episodes on dozens of different podcasts.

Below, you’ll see three of the personal podcasts that I’ve started (I started a couple others that didn’t really go anywhere).


417: How to Manage Stress and Increase Productivity by Using the Science of Resilience

Feeling stressed? Know you’re not alone. We all inevitably have stress in our lives, and we need to manage stress in healthy ways while also staying productive. On today’s...

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416: Accelerating Your Personal Growth with Intentional Reading

I’ve heard the mantra “Leaders are readers” – you probably have, too. The problem is that, if you’re busy like me, you struggle to find time to read as...

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415: Become an Automator to Simplify Your Path to Success

Are you an automator? Do you automate your sales? Do you automate the growth of your following? Are you able to automate for impact?  Today’s guest is a serious...

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414: How to Make Goal-Setting Work For You

Are you falling short in meeting your goals? Or maybe you feel like something is just missing.  On today’s episode, I chat with Roman Marinov about goal setting. Roman...

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413: Deep Work and Focus: Key Parts of Productivity

A key part of productivity is having the ability to focus and to do the deep work.  Lee Chambers is the guest on today’s episode of the Success Podcast....

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412: Take Action to Deal with Stress and Anxiety

Step into your greatness by taking action with intention and purpose. Ryan Stanley, a Certified Personal Coach, dives into the driving force behind living life without fear and on...

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