web development

Web Tool Interview

I have been working on my web design and development skills for years. I have created several websites throughout the years, and I currently maintain several. Last week, I had the awesome privilege of being interviewed by Dustin Hartzler (Your Website Engineer) last week. That interview is on his latest podcast. In the interview, he…

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Top 10 Blogs to Follow

I would like to share the top blogs that I follow, and I highly recommend them to you as well. These are in no particular order (other than the first two, of course). Chris LoCurto Michael Hyatt Hard and Simple Things (Mark Seiverkropp) Your Website Engineer (Dustin Hartzler) Seek, Pray, Work! (Lily Kreitinger) Epicenter Languages (Aaron…

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Website Design and Development

Throughout history, Baptists have usually been at the front of the pack when it comes to publishing. When the internet began to boom, there were some that hopped on board, bit there were many that stayed away – hesitant, or afraid. There are certainly many evils lurking on the web, but there are many great…

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