Time with Dan Rockwell (Leadership Freak) via Todd Liles

One of my main goals is discipleship: training and teaching – helping others to become better. Todd Liles (@ToddLiles) has an awesome give-away on his blog: Todd Liles: LIVEwell. He took the Enhance Your Blog class from Dan Rockwell, and purchased two one-hour sessions of one-on-one time with Dan! Additionally, there are several great bonuses. Go to…

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The Ups and Downs in Discipleship

I recently wrote a short review of “Peaks and Valleys,” a book about the journey a young man takes as he learns how to manage his good and bad times properly. There are tons of lessons we can learn about these times in our lives, but there are also several lessons that we can learn about discipleship….

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Learning the “Why” to Do the “What”

I’ve been busy helping to train some people. One person is new and having to learn everything. Another person is just learning a new position. I have noticed that not everyone worries about why something needs to be done, or what the process is to arrive at a conclusion. Some just want the end result…

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