What is Success? [video]

I while back, I asked some people on Facebook what their definition of success was. I share those answers in this video: Holly Hrywnak: Doing what you were made to do. Matthew D. Ham: John Maxwell said: “Success is having those that know you the best respect you the most.” Nicole Benjamin Success to me…

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Success is a journey, not a destination (SR001)

The word “success” can and has been defined in many different ways. The dictionary definition is: 1. obsolete : outcome, result 2 a : degree or measure of succeeding b : favorable or desired outcome; also : the attainment of wealth, favor, or eminence 3. one that succeeds Out of these definitions, the second one…

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How the DISC Profile Can Help You Focus on Your Strengths

It’s easy to focus on our weaknesses. From an early age, we are constantly reminded about our short-comings and the things that we need to improve. When you get an “A” in school, time just passes by. But, if you get a “D,” then the world stops and all focus is on that one letter….

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