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Growing Your Personal Brand with Social Media

Whether we are in business, in a ministry, or at home, we all have a personal brand. It is who we are. It is what we represent. Social media is a great place to build this personal brand. Erik J. Fisher gave us some great information about using social media. He shared some simple tips…

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Simplify Your Social Media with Erik J. Fisher – QLMS #016

All the different social media networks that are out there can be complex. There’s Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pintrest, and dozens of others. Is there a way to simplify it all? That’s where Erik J. Fisher steps in. He specializes in social media for a living. He holds a regular spot doing a social media segment…

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Slowly Building a Platform

Note: This is a re-post from last May. I have added to it and enhanced it to show a little bit of the progress I’ve made personally. New content is below the infographic. If we want to be effective in getting our message out – whether it is by teaching, preaching, or some other method…

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