Simple Survey About Creating Content Online

Creating content online is almost essential in today’s world. I say “almost” because there may be a few cases that it would not be viable or highly useful. But, the majority of people can benefit from taking a little time to create content and share it online. This is not always an easy task for…

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Facing Your Networking Fear – by Dave Stachowiak

Dave Stachowiak (featured on episode #006 of the Quality Living Made Simple podcast) wrote this great article about getting rid of your networking fear. He shares six main ideas (you’ll have to read the post yourself for the details): Set a goal Be cool with being afraid Show up Find your people Be interested, not…

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Personal Accountability Takes Courage

This is QBQ! Week. Check out the other resources as well: Book Review: Parenting the QBQ Way John Miller Interview (book giveaway here!) Fear is one reason people don’t take accountability for themselves: Fear of failure Fear of hurting their ego or pride Fear of embarrassment Fear of consequences If we are going to be…

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