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Michael Hyatt talked about The 3 Components of Job Satisfaction in a blog post in 2012 and then on a podcast episode in 2013. He used the following image to show the relationship between passion, competence, and market and how they relate to satisfaction:

Here are some things that you can do to work toward this unity between these three areas of passion, competence, and marketability:

1. List out your passions

Ignore any skills or financial possibilities. Just focus on what you are passionate about.

2.List out your skills

Ignore whether you like it or not (your passions) – just what you have skills and abilities in. Also, don’t worry about how you can possibly monetize those skills.

3. Look for the overlap between your passion and skills

What career possibilities can you see by the common elements of both lists.

4. Is there a way to make money from those things in that common list?

Don’t cross anything off yet! Just try to figure out how you can monetize, even in small ways. Bigger and better ideas may come down the road from these.

5. Take a look at all of it and ask yourself these questions:

  • Where are my strengths?
  • Where are my weaknesses?
  • What can I work on to make the three areas intersect better?

You need to start where you can. You may not have the perfect intersection of all three, but you can’t make huge leaps. We’re looking at small steps right now.

Start with your passions. This advice comes from Dave Ramsey (EntreLeadership), Dan Miller, Chris LoCurto, and others. When they look to hire someone, a person with high passion and average skill may beat out a person with a lot of skill and little passion.

Start to develop your skills more and look for financial opportunities.

What do your lists look like?

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