You have a dream. You want to pursue that dream. But there’s one question stopping you: “How?” I have the privilege of being a guest on two podcasts about following your dreams. The first one is The Dream Warrior podcast with Doc Kennedy. The second is the Dreamers Podcast with Joe Pardo. I’ll keep you posted when these episodes are available. In light of these interviews, and because of the growing desire for people to pursue their dreams, I’d like to share three posts from two years ago. They were three posts in a series about dreams. I read each of these in the episode, but I’m only leaving the links to them below:

  1. What’s Your Dream?
  2. You’re Living in a Dream World
  3. Lessons from Joseph the Dreamer

Question: What is your dream? How has the pursuit gone so far? What do you need to take the next step?

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