437: The Four Patterns of Healthy People

Matt Norman is President & CEO of Norman & Associates as well as the author of the book “Four Patterns Of Healthy People”. In addition, Matt’s coaching and facilitation has helped Fortune 100 corporations, nonprofits and entrepreneurial firms to transform the way they engage employees and clients. Today’s episode of Success Road focuses on how to be more healthy. 

Matt’s Story

Matt realized we all develop ways of thinking and behaving as an adaption to our environment. And every day we repeat those thoughts and behaviors in order to succeed and maybe even survive in our environment. And one day, it’s likely that we realize that those ways of thinking and behaving no longer serve us, well, we realize we’re stuck. And so because of that, we have a decision to make, whether we’ll remain stuck, or self confront and grow. And because of that, Matt wrote the book, to help people grow into healthier patterns. In addition, the book focuses on how successful people think, relate with others, view themselves and make choices about how they operate.  

The Four Patterns

The first pattern is our thought patterns, which is how we think. Then our relationship patterns, which are how we view ourselves. Our relationship patterns are the third, which are our ego patterns. Then fourth is  our operating patterns, which is really about the choices we make and about how we engage with our environment.

A good example is with energy. When we’re tired, it’s hard to have healthy thought patterns. It’s harder to relate well with others, as we become less patient. And we also become more self protective, more focused on our own needs, which is when the ego comes into play. So simple things like getting enough sleep, from an operating pattern standpoint can really fuel the other patterns.

The Importance Of Sleep

Matt mentioned that the Stanford University’s sleep Center has produced really interesting research showing that for about 99.5% of the population. This organization says we need to have at least seven hours of sleep on an ongoing basis in order to function properly. In fact, they recommend between seven and nine hours of quality sleep. So a key part of sleep is just making a commitment to get that amount of sleep. 

You also have to start asking ourselves how we can optimize the quality of our sleep or ability to go to sleep. Studies show that screens activate parts of our brains and make it harder to enter into REM sleep or just shut down our thoughts. Food and alcohol consumption affect our sleep. So it is important to not eat or drink anything but water before bed. Stretching, for example, or having a nightly routine is really important. 

Your body builds circadian rhythms. For example, if one day, you’re waking up at 7am, another day, we’re waking up at 5am and then another day at 10am. Your body just doesn’t know quite what to do with it. We’ve all had the experience of going to another timezone where it’s hard to fall asleep or wake up at certain times. Keep in mind that circadian rhythms are really a thing.  

When Do You Have The Most Energy?

There are certainly people that tend to be morning people. There are people that are night owls. And then there are people that have the most energy in the middle of the day. We must know what kind of person we are, so that we can do our most vigilant activities or most thought intensive activities during our most productive time period. 

Next Steps 

We dive deeper in this podcast into the topic of self-awareness as well as how to have more mental energy. I encourage you to listen to the podcast for this helpful information. You can pick up Matt’s book at mattnorman.com or you can find it here on Amazon.

Thanks so much for listening and thanks to Matt for being on Success Road.