I’m getting ready to attend the EntreLeadership 1-Day event in Oklahoma City on April 19. It’s my first time to attend an event like this, so I started reaching out to learn how to prepare for it and get as much out of it as I can.

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I was able to interview Chris LoCurto, an awesome coach and trainer in business and leadership. Get your steel-toe boots and Kevlar on, and listen to the podcast to hear his advice for preparing for these kind of events!

I also received advice from a couple of others. They are abbreviated below:

Lily Krietenger suggests:

  • Stock up on business cards
  • Update your online profiles
  • Post something awesome on your blog
  • Start connecting with attendees on social media and promote the event before, during, and after

Kelly Tewson suggests:

  • Pray throughout the days and weeks before attendinf
  • Do read the EntreLeadership book before attending
  • Be very intentional in preparation before the event
  • Meet and keep in touch with other attendees

Stay tuned for the rest of the week for more article and tips!

Question: Do you have any additional advice?

0 comments on “Preparing for Events with Chris LoCurto

  1. Mark Robert Halper says:

    I attended the five day event with my wife, and for us the most important day ended up being day six. There is so much information, and we’d taken so many notes, that having a day to gather our thoughts together and plan out how to use the information was key to making good use of the experience.

    1. That’s great, Mark. Thanks for stopping by and sharing that!

  2. Great idea on this interview Josh! I am certain that you will get LOTS out of the event because you are willing to put a lot of work into it. One thing that I can tell you for certain, you will be blown away by the organization, the content and the awesome, welcoming atmosphere at EntreLeadership. This is not just another business event. I’ve been to a few and you will not find yourself thinking you’re in the “typical” business atmosphere. Looking forward to your insight and learning after the event. Go Josh!!!

    1. Great recommendations Lily! I never seem to bring enough cards to events!

      This is a really good topic Josh!!!

      1. Thanks, Bob. It started just as a way to help myself prepare. I’m glad that it turned out to be something that can help a lot of others, too.

        1. KTEWSON says:

          And now all my misery and regret that I didnt take my own advice at least will be patched up with the relief that someone else will benefit from the mistakes I made not preparing myself a bit better. Hindsight is my homeroom, lifetime teacher that will never retire! Its just another way of learning that has a higher, more painful tax on it. I learned so much still. And there is enough information in just one day there to keep you busy thinking for the next 10 years!

          1. I usually take quite a few classes from the school of hard knocks and specialize in hindsight philosophy, so this is a change for me. Intentionality is one of my focus words!

    2. Thanks, Lily for these and for the advice before. I’m just hoping to capture and retain as much as I can.

      1. And you’ll have a lot of FUN in the process (this is my high I speaking)!

        1. KTEWSON says:

          Josh, in translation, she is says the event is practical, productive and extremely applicable and condusive to your needs. 😉 Arent you a high c, high s? If not, none of those words will be enticing, so just ignore them and stick to FUN. And a big shout out to Lily! From one High I to another! Woop!

          1. Yep. High C! But I can enjoy the high I things as well.

  3. Michael Good says:

    Great tips here. Thanks! Entreleadership sounds like a great event. Would love to attend one in the future.

    I’ll be going to Internet Prophets in about two weeks and am really looking forward to it. I’ve have to use some of these tips!

    1. Thanks, Michael. I’ll be sharing some other resources I found later this week, too. Hope they can help as well.

  4. Allan Dubon says:

    you are doing fantastic. This was a great interview. Chris locurto is one of the people I look up to. I have attended one event this year, and I was grossly underprepared. These tips definitely help out!

    1. Thanks for listening, Allan. I’ll need to get back and listen to some more of your podcast. Hope it’s going well for you!

  5. Wade_Thorson says:

    Thanks for the interview Josh and Chris. I attended the EntreLeadership Performance series last June and I tried to prepare myself but the suggestions you have here would of helped. A couple things I did was to read EntreLeadership, listen to the podcasts, and then come up with a list of questions I would like to ask. For me having the questions before hand helped because it has for me to come up with questions on a short notice.

    1. Thanks, Wade. I’ll try to come up with questions beforehand. I know that’s a good strategy when you study, so I’m sure it would be a great benefit here, too!

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