Mark Sieverkropp joins us to talk about how he uses projects to lead to greater success in his life. He has gone from a job he hated to self-employment – and loving it – all by using projects.

It’s time to figure out what fits you!

If there’s one thing I know about trying to figure out how to escape a career you just “fell into” and find a career that you love it’s this:

​There are a TON of unknown variables and important questions.

​Seriously. It can be overwhelming as you try to figure narrow down your options and be sure that you’ve made the right decision.

​That is why my friend Scott Barlow from Happen To Your Career is putting on a webinar next week to help you navigate the process of discovering (and actually attaining…) a career that you love.

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​You see, when it comes to careers and career transitions, I’d be willing to bet that Scott has been where you are right now.

​Here’s a rundown of his past decade:

  • ​Took a job because it was available (not because it was a fit)
  • ​Realized it wasn’t what he had hoped it would be and because of that his attention began to wander.
  • Subsequently was let go…with a family to support
  • Through trial and error worked through the job search process
  • Landed a dream job through hard work, persistence (and a few tricks you won’t learn on CareerBuilder or…)
  • Helped countless people discover what they’re passionate about, good at, and just like doing!

Yup. He’s been there, done that, got the t-shirt and developed THE step-by-step process for finding work that you love.

So if you don’t absolutely LOVE what you are doing now…and you think there might be more that you should (or want) to be doing. Don’t miss this free webinar this Sunday or Monday at 6p PT/9p ET. ←—– Grab your spot now!

In this webinar Scott will cover:

  • How to hack your strengths to find a career that fits you
  • The #1 thing that is stopping you from finding what you should be doing
  • How to use the “Ideal Career Profile” to be sure

O​h, and he’ll be answering some of YOUR questions…so make sure you bring some good ones!

​Scott’s coaching clients pay thousands of dollars to be able to ask him questions and get his help to put together a personalized plan to narrow down their options…but you can spend an hour-plus with him and ask him questions for free on Sunday or Monday at 6pm PT/9pm ET!

See you there.

PS Space is limited, so grab your spot soon! You don’t want to miss this chance to learn a step-by-step process YOU can use to discover your ideal career!

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