This week, I have a great interview with the cohost of the ONE Extraordinary Marriage podcast, Tony DiLorenzo. I first met Tony on through the DIY e-Publishing group. Since then, I learn about and started listening to his podcast.

Contact Tony:
Twitter: @TonyMDilorenzo

Love Always: The Ultimate Marriage Blueprint | Self Study Audio Program

  1. Clarify your current situation
  2. Remove your masks
  3. Explore your options
  4. Appriciate the journey
  5. Take a stand
  6. Engage in action

Book: “Stripped Down: 13 Keys to Unlocking Intimacy in Your Marriage
Sex Challenges (60 day and 7 day)

1. How would you define “quality living?”
2. What are some simple things that help you work toward that quality of life?
3. Can you share a failure or struggle that you’ve had while trying to work toward a quality life?
4. What resources would you recommend?

Don’t forget to grab your copy of Leave Nothing Undone: 13 Key Lessons from the Life of Joshua.

Question: How can you improve your marriage?

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