“Are you ready to ignite!?”

That is the question that our guest today says every day on his podcast. That’s right. EVERY DAY. I’m excited today to have John Dumas from Entrepreneur on Fire to share his story and advice.

Here are some of the things we cover:

  1. John tells us about his background and where he came from
  2. Entrepreneur on Fire podcast
  3. John shares his “Aha” moment
  4. John’s e-book “Podcast Launch” (SimpleLiving.us/podcastlaunch)
  5. “Truly just start. Find something that you are passionate about. Then find how that passion can be turned into a viable business.” – John Dumas

We have 2 listener submitted questions:

  • How does providing value for free factor into your business model? And how would you recommend others utilize providing value for free? – Mark Sieverkropp
  • How long was it before you started earning money from the launch of the website. What was the money from, and how long was it from your last paycheck to this one! – Andy Brinkley

What is your passion that your would like to turn into a viable business?

0 comments on “Igniting Your Passion with John Lee Dumas of Entrepreneur on Fire – QLMS #028

  1. Heyo Joshua, Thank you for this amazing opportunity to be on your show! You rock!

    1. John! Loved the interview. It’s awesome to hear you on the other side of the table once in awhile. Thanks for answering my question as well!

      1. Thanks for engaging and asking the question!

    2. It was awesome, man! Glad to talk to you. Keep up the great work on your podcast!

  2. Great interview Josh! Love all the awesome guests you’re pulling in!!

    1. I’m just the little tugboat trying to pull the big ships in! It’s been awesome to take the time to talk with these great people!

  3. Home Elevators says:

    Yes such post will give us confidence to grow our thought !!

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