In this episode, Chris LoCurto shares some things about communication and personality styles. He uses and promotes the DISC profile, and teaches how to use it to improve your communication at home and at work.

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Here’s a little bit about what Chris shares:

  • What is communication and why is it important?
  • What is the DISC profile and what are the 4 types?
  • What is the difference between the natural style and the adaptive style?
  • How can we use our results and summary?
  • How should we use this with our family?

“We did not realize how chaotic our communication was until we did this.” – people share this testimony with Chris.

Chris is also providing for one lucky listener to win a free DISC profile test. (I incorrectly suggesting in the podcast that you may also get access to the video, but I was incorrect – my apologies)

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Have you taken the DISC profile? What did is reveal to you? How can you better communicate with others?

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