Scott-BarlowScott Barlow joins us again. He was on episode #024 to tell us about Happen to Your Career and gives us an update on how things are going.

Scott and Mark Sieverkropp work together to build Happen to Your Career (HTYC). They are demonstrating the power that comes from their partnership and drive each other to do more and better things.

Get a Raise Guide

Scott also shares some things from the e-book he wrote, “Get a Raise Guide.” This is a step-by-step guide on how to approach the salary negotiation process.

“Creating value in any situation you are in – that is what puts you in the position to negotiate a raise.”

What is really exciting you  right now?

Scott and Mark has put together a e-mail resource (Work You Love One-Stop) to help people to figure out what their passions really are.

What else is going on with HTYC?

Creating more content and answers to the questions people are asking. Part of this includes the Work You Love One-Stop (mentioned before), videos, guest posting, etc.

What is your definition of Quality Living?

It is about understanding what you want out of life and creating a lifestyle to achieve that. Scott desires to have the flexibility to spend time with his kids and be a role model as they grow up.

What is a failure you’ve had?

Scott was putting life on hold in anticipation of what may happen later. He wasted time by not cultivating relationships for a year and a half.

Check out their podcast, Happen to Your Career, and signup for their e-mail list.

3 comments on “Happen to Your Career and Salary | Scott Barlow from HTYC Podcast (#052)

  1. Social Escorts Malaysia says:

    I think he is really dedicated guy due to which his dedication make us learning from them !! Thanks Scott !!

  2. Your achievements depends on the type of Quality living that you want in your life and want to give the same to your family also. You have to first decide what are your priorities in life before deciding anything about your career.

  3. For me Quality living is to live with all types of comfort that a person want in his life. And having a good image in society.

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