This is the 50th episode celebration! Thanks to everyone that has made this possible – from the incredible guests to the fantastic subscribers!

I reflect over the last year.

I re-listened to about 35 of the previous episodes this past week. I share clips from the interviews with these great guests:

Believe me, I wanted to pull clips from every interview, but the episode is over and hour as it is! Completely packed full with great quotes and content.

Here’s some recommended resources:

I also had a question submitted:

Josh, I’d be interested to hear about how and why you got started in podcasting, how you feel the last year has been going with podcasting, and if given the chance to do it all over again, would you? I’m gearing up to start my own podcast, and I’d like to hear your thoughts! – Joshua Kearns

Why I started podcasting?

I started, in part because I could see the benefits of reaching a broader audience. I also felt that I could deepen the ties between me and my current audience. In the podcast, I also share some stats regarding the podcast over the past year.

I also started because it scared me to death! I was afraid of getting in front of the microphone and sharing things. I have grown since then in my desire and ability to podcast.

Would I do it again?


In fact, I am debating (with myself) about starting another podcast. I just don’t have the time yet. It would be about web design and development, specifically with WordPress. I believe it would be a great compliment to my business and help it to grow as my influence and expertise grows.

Do you need help?

I know that a couple of you (at least a couple) are thinking about starting a podcast. Please let me know if you need any help, and I would be more than glad to help. I would also love to help in other areas, too (blogging, websites, etc.)!

Would you like to help me?

I would absolutely love it if you could help me with this podcast. You can help for free in several ways:

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Questions: What was your favorite moment from this past year? What would you like to see this coming year for this podcast/blog?

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