What is mindset and why is it important?

  • Your mindset is your attitude about what you’re doing.
  • If you have the wrong mindset, it can derail the work you’re trying to do.
    • Money-first – this mindset puts you in a place of desperation or greed.
    • All-or-nothing – this mindset puts unreal expectations on yourself and you’ll be more likely to quit.
    • Service-only – this is great, but can lead to over-working and not enough money to sustain your needs.
    • Scarcity – this mindset makes you believe there are only a limited number of resources or customers. If you win, someone must lose. There is some truth to this, but not as a guiding principle.
  • If you have the right mindset, it will help propel you forward.

How to create the right mindset

  • Acknowledge your limiting beliefs (wrong mindsets) – don’t accept them though.
  • Face your fears.
  • Take small steps (think incredibly big, but act incredibly small – The One Thing).
  • Choose to keep company with people that will help lift you up.
    • Encouraging family and friends
    • Mastermind group
    • Online friends
  • Determine to serve first, but charge according to the value for your customer.
  • Be purposeful instead of entrepreneurial.
  • Don’t neglect your health and personal needs.
    • Sleep
    • Eating right
    • Exercise
  • Find ways to educate and grow yourself

Do you have something to say?

  • If you have a question or comment, I’d love to hear it! You can contact via the website (SideBizStart.com/contact) or call 405-771-0567.
  • You can also leave a comment on the show notes on the website, on social media, or by leaving a rating and review on your podcast player. These not only give me feedback, but can help the community as well.
  • I’m thinking about starting a Facebook group that can serve as a way to help you create and keep the right mindset. It’ll be like an informal mastermind group where you can ask and answer questions as well as share the progress of your side biz. If you’d be interested in this, please let me know. I don’t want to create a ghost town, so I want to know that there is interest in this.

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