Welcome to the first episode of season 3

  • What is this podcast?
  • Main topic – why start a side biz?
  • Who am I?

What is this podcast?

  • Help you start a side biz
  • Help you grow your side biz
  • Help your personal growth
  • Give you support, encouragement, and inspiration

Why start a side biz?

  • You just want a little extra income
  • You want to replace your current job, but don’t want to leave your job right away
    • You Can Test Your Product Before Taking the Leap
    • You Won’t Incur as Much Risk
    • You Can Use Your Salary to Help Fund the Business
    • You Can Build Your Business Slowly
    • You Can Keep Your Job Benefits
  • You Can Do What You Love
  • Financial freedom
  • Time freedom
  • Be your own boss

Who am I?

  • Personal history
    • Didn’t grow up as an entrepreneur – I shied away from everything to do with selling
    • In high school, I started doing some “side work” by getting a part-time job…and then a second part time job
    • After graduating high school, I often had either college with a job or (at least) two jobs
    • Around 2003-04, I dabbled a bit into some kind of newspaper ad/mail scheme
    • Around 2006-07, I started creating some websites for pastors and churches I knew
    • This continued until 2010, when I started to see that I had actually created a side-biz
    • I took college classes to improve my skills from 2010-2013
    • From 2010-2015, I continued to create websites for a small handful of clients
    • I started podcasting in 2012
    • 2015 was the year I switched my side biz from website creation to podcast editing
    • I officially started Podcast Guy Media, LLC in 2016
    • I slowly grew the side biz until I got way too busy and started outsourcing some work in 2017
  • Personal realization
    • I like taking different personality tests to learn more about myself
    • One of the realizations that I’ve had while comparing and blending the results from different tests is that I haven’t be working in some of my strengths – specifically that of learning and teaching what I learn
    • This podcast is to help me share what I have already learned, what I’m currently learning, and also for me to continue to learn as I talk with guest experts and others in the trenches

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