This is a busy time of year for many people. Kids are getting back to school. For my family, we are homeschooling, and have been going for two weeks already.

It has been a change. I’m used to teaching Jr. High and High School students (and adults). Switching to Kindergarten and 3rd grade is taking some adjustment.

In this episode, I reflect over some of my previous teaching experiences:

My first time was teaching my brother and cousin how to play a Nintendo game from the instruction book.

I was able to learn two people with different learning styles to make great improvements in Algebra.

Labor Day Book Sale

Starting Saturday, August 30 (Labor Day weekend), my book, Leave Nothing Undone, will be on sale for $.99 on Amazon. It will be at this price through Labor Day Monday. Tuesday through Friday (September 2-5), the price will be $2.99. After that it will go back to regular price at $5.99.

In addition, you can receive the audio version of Leave Nothing Undone by sending me your receipt for the Kindle version. More instructions are at

If you already got the Kindle version before, you can either find your receipt in your e-mail archives or take a picture/screenshot of the Kindle version on your phone/device. I don’t want to leave you out of it!

Get the Kindle version on Amazon and then head over to to get the audio version now!

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