This is a rebroadcast of a previous episode. Matt Ham joins us today to talk about his new book, “Redefine Rich: A New Perspective on the Good Life.” He was a previous guest on this podcast (episode #54), but comes again to share the RICH principles, specifically the third one: choosing gratitude.

The RICH Principles

These principles were birthed out of Matt’s desire to find out what it really meant to be rich. He reached out to others and asked questions. The results were the RICH principles:

  • Realize you’re broken – this is the foundation
  • Invest in others – we are here to be a blessing to other people
  • Choose gratitude – gratitude is sometimes nothing more than perspective
  • Humble yourself with confidence – we need humility and confidence in equal measure

Learn more about these principles:

Choosing Gratitude

The timing of the launch of the book was intentional: between Thanksgiving and Christmas. This is the time of year that people’s focus is more on being thankful and giving.

The search and study of this aspect was sparked by the book “The One Word.” Matt chose the word, “Greatful”: combining being thankful and being great.

Gratitude is a choice

Victor Frankil has an incredible story regarding his stay in the Auschwitz prison camp for 3 years.

We can’t control what happens to and around us, but we can choose how we react to those things. It doesn’t matter how you feel, it matters how you act.

The seed of ingratitude yields a bitter fruit. We need to prepare the soil of our heart for gratitude.

If you are over-confident (arrogant) or too timid, you are focusing on yourself. This is not what you should be doing!

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