Any male can be a father…it takes a real man to be a dad.

During the month of June, I am focusing on being a better father (and husband). Fathers Day is June 21st this year, and let’s make this one the best one yet.

In the movie, Courageous, the five main fathers joined together to make a commitment to become better fathers and husbands. The result was “The Resolution” that they pledged to keep.

Fathers, the Providers

One of the big responsibilities as a father is that of being a provider for your family.

Many have the perception that this refers to financial obligations. But this involves so much more!

Your family needs the financial provisions, but they also have spiritual, emotional, and psychological needs. Yes, Mom is important and helps to fulfill these needs as well, but too many fathers have been absent from these areas for too long.

Growing up without a father in the home, I understand what I missed. I had some father-figures that entered my life later in life, and I’m a father now. As much and as hard as my mom tried, there was something missing from not having a father.

Some fathers are completely absent, not involved in the children’s lives at all. Some fathers are part-time because of custody arrangements.

But some fathers are “home” but still absent. They are too busy with their careers or hobbies to spend time with their kids. They feel that the food and shelter they are providing are enough. Extra expensive gifts eases their consciences.

Kids don’t need more and better stuff. They need time with Dad. They need your leadership to show them the way.

We, as husbands and fathers, will stand and give account one day.

Be Courageous

Below, you’ll see a video challenging you to become courageous by becoming the father and husband you ought to be. If you want to join me this month to accept this challenge, please leave a comment below and share this on social media.

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