E-book: Project Victory

A while back, I made a short e-book available for those who subscribed to my blog. The title is “Looking Unto Jesus: Being Victorious in Life’s Trials.” Read my previous post on this here.

I have decided to make it available to everyone. One reason is because I would like some feedback. It is just a short e-book, but I would like to expand it more. If you have any feedback about it, please add your comments below.

Part 1 (“The trials will come,” “There will be an end,” and “Act, don’t react)

Part 2 (“Prepare in prayer,” “Re-enforce by reading,” and “Fuel by fellowship”).

Part 3 (“Courage through counsel,” “Don’t look at your circumstances,” “Don’t hold men too high,” “Look unto Jesus”)

Click the links below:

Regular Version

Mobile Version

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0 comments on “E-book: Project Victory

  1. Todd Liles says:

    Nice job on the ebook. Writing an ebook is a 2013 goal of mine.

    1. Do you have any suggestions for me as I try to develop it more?

      1. Todd Liles says:

        Since I’m new at this too, I would suggest going over to http://www.michaelhyatt.com and following his advice on getting published. He also has a good recording/interview with Michelle Cashet. I think his suggestion of “Outline a book Proposal” is a great idea. I have the audio file, and ebook, and recommend it.

        1. I have those also. I need to go back and revisit them again. Do you have any suggestions from a content standpoint? I have my own ideas, but I like to see how others are thinking.

          1. Todd Liles says:

            I think you need to speak on something that you can really help people on.

            For instance, I love the topics of family and health (so I blog about them.)

            I’m an expert at Sales and Training, so I will write my books on those topics.

            So, go with what you know. It will be much easy, and productive that way.

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