3 Focus Words for 2013

jr14A friend and fellow blogger, Carol Dublin, introduced me to the concept of choosing three words to focus on for the year. She had gotten the concept from Chris Brogan.

  • Focus on meeting your goals
  • Increase your personal development.

I have decided to use these three words: opportunity, intentionality, and dedication. These words will help me to focus on working toward and meeting my goals for 2013.


I plan to look for and seize opportunities that come my way. Several things will help me with this:

  • Increase the number of friends and online associates
  • Engage with these friends regularly
  • Participate in different groups, both on and offline
  • Focus on helping others

I have already been able to seize at least one opportunity. Yesterday, I received an e-mail announcing an EntreLeadership 1-Day event coming to Oklahoma City (where I live). After discussing it over with my wife, I made my reservation. This will be a tremendous opportunity for me to improve myself, aide my start-up web design business, and meet several others that are trying to do the same thing.


I have been hearing several people, such as Michael Hyatt and John Maxwell, speak about being intentional. If I am going to be successful in accomplishing my goals, it has to be done on purpose. I won’t meet my goals by chance.


This will help me to stick with my plan even when things get difficult – and they will. I need to be able to be dedicated enough to see them through.

I also will work on being more dedicated to family and friends.

  • Spend time with them
  • Talk with them
  • Write them notes (thanks to Matt McWilliams for this encouragement)

Question: Do you have three words for 2013?