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This is the second episode for the Quality Living Made Simple podcast. My name is Joshua Rivers, and I am your host. No, I don’t have it all figured out. I’m just trying to learn to improve my life and share my findings with you.


We all want to have a quality life. We run into difficult situations all the time. The purpose of this podcast is:

  • To understand what it really means to have a quality life
  • How to build and maintain that life with simple tips, tools, and tricks.

Simple tips on Procrastination

(From Michael Hyatt’s blog)

– “Why do today what you can do tomorrow.”

  1. Tackle the most difficult task first
  2. Divide the task into smaller tasks
  3. Set a mid-day alarm
  4. Dedicate yourself a small period of time
  5. Schedule your tasks on the calendar

Main episode topic – Thank You Revolution

Matt McWilliams

Matt McWilliams

Questions asked:

  • What is Matt McWilliams Consulting? What do you offer?
  • What is the Thank You Revolution? How did it start?
  • Is there a particular story you would like to share about the Thank You Revolution?
  • You wrote an eBook, tell us about it.

Closing Notes:

I am starting a web design and development business (Dev By JR, LLC). The website should be available by March 1. I would love to help with your website:

  • Small business
  •  Ministry/Non-profit
  • Blog

Coming next show:

I will have a discusion with Mark Sieverkropp about purpose. You’ll want to come back and listen to our discussion!

Contact Matt McWilliams:

I was planning on including a short lesson on priorities and principles, but these will be separate posts. The lesson on priorities are available here.

Check out the post for the March Challenge.

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