Why You Should Stop Waiting to Write | Kent Sanders (#045)

Kent Sanders was on episode 9, talking about how to use Evernote to simplify your life. This week, Kent joins me in talking about writing (journals, books, blogs, etc.). He also has Here’s how you can connect with him: http://artistssuitcase.com kent@artistssuitcase.com Twitter: @kentsanders Podcast: The Artist’s Suitcase Seeing that his blog and podcast is called “The…

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Have You Ever Wished (Flashback Friday)

Have you ever wished that you could fulfill your childhood dreams? Well, I am aiming to work on at least two of mine: writing and coding. Writing When I was in elementary school, I used to love writing short stories. They usually started with the usual “Once upon a time” and ended with “happily ever…

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6 Simple Tips to Stay Focused and Finish a Task

I have loved writing since I was young. I remember writing little short stories when I was six and seven years old. Of course, all of the stories I wrote started with “Once upon a time,” and ended with “happily ever after.” My love for writing never went away. As I grew older, my stories…

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