Procrastination Elimination

Fighting procrastination and managing time are two things that I’m working on. I talked about this in episode #012 of the podcast (Procrastination: Why You Do It). I also mentioned these topics in several other posts. There are three specific things that I have done to try to help: I starting talking with business coach,…

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Procrastination: Understanding Why You Do It – QLMS #012

In this episode, I talk about procrastination. This is an area I struggle with, and I am working on breaking the cycle of procrastination so I can get more accomplished and improve my quality of life. You may also like to go back and listen to episode #009 where I talk with Kent Sanders about…

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“It’s Not My Job” (And Other Things You Shouldn’t Say)

QBQ (The Question Behind the Question) addresses the attitude behind these kind of statements. They represent a victim mentality. They shift the responsibility and the blame to others. There is no sense of personal accountability. “It’s not my job” Are you part of the team? Then it’s part of your job. Each person on the…

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