“Customer Service”

Today, I have written a guest post on ChrisLoCurto.com. It focuses on customer service from the top down. Go to his blog to read it! Also, my book “Founded Upon a Rock” is 25% off! About Chris LoCurto: Having worked with Dave Ramsey for more than 10 years now, Chris has grown Total Money Makeover…

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4 Leadership Lessons from our Founding Fathers

The Fourth of July is a great celebration of when the colonies united and declared independence from Britain. They fought for years to secure that independence. Others have fought since that time to keep the liberty that they secured. When our Founding Fathers signed the Declaration of Independence in 1776, it was not just a…

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Preparing Your Platform

If we want to be effective in getting our message out – whether it is by teaching, preaching, or some other method – we need to have a platform. Our platform is not only composed of drawing a larger crowd, but also building our credibility with those that we already have. This week, I heard…

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