John Maxwell

Opportunity, Intentionality, and Dedication: 3 Focus Words

This episode focuses on the 3 focus words I have for this year: opportunity, intentionality, and dedication. I wrote a brief post about this in December, but this is a more in-depth look. This episode is brought to you because Lily Kreitinger interviewed me for her Entrepreneur Spotlight. The Scripture for the week can be…

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Getting a Boost in Your Personal Growth – QLMS #025

This is the silver anniversary of the podcast! We’ll be celebrating the six month anniversary in two weeks! The focus for the past month or so has been on pursuing and doing work that you love. This week is just a slight break from that (we’ll have one more interview next episode – with John…

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When I Was 26… (John Maxwell said this, too)

He has done several interview and articles. One interview was with Chris LoCurto for the EntreLeadership podcast. In that interview, he mentioned that he was 26 when he first realized the importance of intentionally working on personal growth. Then began the 40-year journey that brought him to this point. Listening and thinking about that point…

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