Are You Living Richly? Interview with Matt Ham (#054)

Matt Ham provided a great guest post “The Myth of Life Balance” a couple weeks ago, and is joining us to tell a little more of his story on this episode. He focuses on what it means to live richly, and then how to reach for them. What does Quality Living mean to you? Matt…

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Learning to Fail with Matt McWilliams (#051)

We have Matt McWilliams with us again. We look back on the Thank You Revolution, which we talked about in episode #002. Great things are happening there! He wrote an e-book called “The Power of Gratitude.” If you join his e-mail list, you’ll get this great ebook for free. He also wrote “Jay-Z on Business…

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Why You Should Stop Waiting to Write | Kent Sanders (#045)

Kent Sanders was on episode 9, talking about how to use Evernote to simplify your life. This week, Kent joins me in talking about writing (journals, books, blogs, etc.). He also has Here’s how you can connect with him: Twitter: @kentsanders Podcast: The Artist’s Suitcase Seeing that his blog and podcast is called “The…

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