Pursuing Work You Love – with Dan Miller (QLMS #011)

This week, I have an interview with Dan Miller about pursuing work you love. Visit Dan’s sites: 48days.com 48days.net I had a question submitted by The Iron Jen: “What drives him each day to be his best and how does he get through tough times?” From 48 Days to the Work You Love and Wisdom…

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Lessons from Joseph the Dreamer

When you think about dreams in the Bible, there are probably two individuals that come to mind: Daniel and Joseph. Both of these men were used by God to have and interpret dreams several times. I spoke about Daniel in a previous post (“What’s Your Dream“). This post is a focus on what Joseph did…

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What’s Your Dream?

In Daniel chapter 2, King Nebuchadnezzer woke up one morning knowing he had a dream. It was a troubling dream – maybe a nightmare. The problem was that he couldn’t remember what it was. Maybe you can identify with his situation. He was determined to find out what the dream meant, so he called the…

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