This is the Success Road podcast and my name is Joshua Rivers.

I believe that success is a journey, not the destination.

I strive to make the journey as great as possible, realizing that I can constantly be making improvements.

It also means that what success looks like can, and will, be different as you continue down the road of life.

This podcast is my way of sharing this view with you.

Throughout the episodes of this podcast, we’ll explore many different areas of life and how we can make changes to improve our life. We’ll cover topics like productivity, family, finances, career, and more.

As Aaron Walker says, I’m trying to help you not just be successful, but to be significant.

The Success Road podcast has seen many changes over the years. It first started as Quality Living Made Simple in February 2013. My goal when I started was to examine what it means to have a quality life and to share simple things to help achieve such a life, with podcast episodes and blog posts mostly devoted to personal growth and achieving a quality life.

Throughout the first two years, I went through a couple changes in my artwork:

Going into Jan 2015, I changed directions slightly to the Success Road. That’s when I started to have a little better focus on what I was doing with the podcast. I continued to post episodes until November 2016, when I decided I needed to take an official break from the podcast.

I had been trying to grow a side business throughout this whole time, and keeping up with all my responsibilities become increasingly difficult. The direction and focus of my side business even took a turn from web development to podcast editing.

Throughout 2017 and 2018, I put more focus into my side business. Several times I bumped into the wall of “not having enough time but also not having enough income to leave my full-time job.”

In 2018, I had the idea of sharing some the things I was learning about growing and starting a side business on a new podcast, Side Biz Start. I published 10 episodes on that podcast when I got the idea to merge what I was doing with Side Biz Start with Success Road since many of the concepts overlapped. This was the birth of season 3 for Success Road.

Starting in February 2019, I began republishing the episodes from Side Biz Start on the Success Road with Season 3 focusing on growing a side business, but still keeping to the original purpose of the podcast: to give inspiration for the journey of success and significance.

Who are you? – Dealing with lost identity

Who are you? Sometimes there are little things that can make a big difference. Sometimes, we need to delve into bigger questions. Throughout history, people have sought to answer several big questions: Who am I? Where did I come from? Where am I going? Why am I here?...

Mark Sieverkropp uses projects to lead to success

Mark Sieverkropp joins us to talk about how he uses projects to lead to greater success in his life. He has gone from a job he hated to self-employment - and loving it - all by using projects. It's time to figure out what fits you! If there’s one thing I know about...

Mike Vardy tries to figure it out with the NOW year

Mike Vardy from joins us and shares about the NOW Year. Daily MAPS Mode Action Projects Schedule The Modes (GREAT): General (admin, solo, marketing, etc.) Resource-based (e-mail, MS Word, Trello, etc.) Energy-based (high energy vs. low energy...

Incremental change in your life

Many people fear change. Some people may not say that they fear change, but they don't like change. Why is this? What is it about change that people don't like? What do they fear about it? I am not an expert in this field, but I see a three main reasons: We are...

13 Keys to Leave Nothing Undone – part 2

I am sharing the audio version of the e-book I wrote, "Leave Nothing Undone: 13 Key Lessons From the Life of Joshua." The first 7 key lessons were shared in the last episode: Priorities Purpose Personal Accountability Principles Preparation Potential Parchments Here...

13 Keys to Leave Nothing Undone – part 1

I will be sharing the first 7 chapters of my e-book, Leave Nothing Undone: 13 Key Lessons from the Life of Joshua. In the next episode, I'll be sharing the last 6 chapters. I you want to get the eibook for your Kindle app or device, you can get it here:...

Health Freedom

I am killing myself. No, not suicide. I have not been taking care of my health, which will eventually kill me early. I am starting to take my health seriously. I am taking steps to improve my health. The key to what I'm doing is that I'm taking baby steps. Obviously,...

Career Freedom: Doing Work You Love

Everyone has a desire to do work they love. However, not everyone thinks it's possible to actually do that. Some that do think it's possible but don't know how to make it happen. My goal for this year is build my side business enough that it can replace my current...

Financial Freedom: Becoming Debt-Free

This year, my wife and I have some definite financial goals and we have a plan that we are following. Debt-free The biggest financial goal we have is to become completely debt-free. Yes, that includes our house! Let me share a little bit about our journey, and then...