My wife and I are on a crusade.

photo 2No, not like the Crusades from the Middle Ages.

A crusade to change our family tree. A crusade to leave a legacy of financial freedom (and a lot of other freedoms that come with that).

Dave Ramsey and his daughter, Rachel Cruze, co-authored a book called “Smart Money, Smart Kids.” It’s about training your children how to properly deal with money, no matter what age they are.

On April 27, Dave and Rachel were in Dallas for a book signing. My wife and I decided to take our kids there (we took my mother-in-law, too).

They were able to sign our book. They were also able to sign our “Buy That House” board.

That board will become a family legacy for sure.

Changing a Family Tree

photo 1On the trip, we were able to listen to the first seven chapters of the book. It was great to listen to Dave and Rachel reading it.

What was even better was that our kids were listening. And mostly paying attention. Our even son requested to listen to it several times.

While we were standing in line, I gave the book to our son to hold. He opened it up and started reading it. By the way, he’s only 7 years old.

My son is also excited about saving for a car and having something similar to a 401-Dave plan.

This is Only the Beginning

Our kids are 7 and 5. They have their whole lives ahead of them. They are receiving a solid financial foundation to build on. Our kids are already learning the three basic principles:

  • Give
  • Save
  • Spend (they’re really good at this one!)

Our son has grown in the “save” area. He’s going to summer camp and we told him that he could take 20% of his savings with him to spend. A couple months ago, he won $100 from a school fundraiser and deposited $75 into his savings account. I think he’s starting to get it. What’s your legacy going to be?