Erik-the-Fisher WEBAll the different social media networks that are out there can be complex. There’s Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pintrest, and dozens of others. Is there a way to simplify it all?

That’s where Erik J. Fisher steps in. He specializes in social media for a living. He holds a regular spot doing a social media segment on the Podcast Answer Man show. He also has his own podcast, Beyond the To Do List. You can also find Erik on Facebook and Twitter.

Here’s some of the questions we cover:

  • How can social media improve your life? (how can it improve the quality, the simplicity, etc.)
  • What are some differences between the different social media options?
  • What is the best one to use or to start with?
  • With everything that is available, how can we simplify how we use social media?

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Question: Do you have any tips about simplifying social media?

0 comments on “Simplify Your Social Media with Erik J. Fisher – QLMS #016

  1. Alex Barker says:

    Hi Joshua. Good interview with Erik.
    I was wondering, what mic are you using during the interview? It sounds different than your intro. just curious… (I’m looking into this market)

    1. Thanks, Alex. I’m currently using a Logitech USB headset H390. It does okay, but I think it would be better to get an Audio Technica ATR2100. The Logitech cost me about $40, but the ATR2100 is under $35 and it’s a better mic (from what I’ve heard from Dave Jackson, Daniel J. Lewis, and (I think) Cliff Ravenscraft). Plus, the ATR2100 can get a windscreen (the foam thing that covers the mic) to reduce background noise and attach a pop filter.

      It’s my plan to get the ATR2100 with a windscreen and pop filter. Should be less than $50 total, but the quality should be much better. I’ll probably just use the Logitech just for listening.

      I got my intro from a gig on You can search the sight for different Narration and voice-over gigs, but the one I did is at

      I was planning on putting together a Resources page with this (and other) information, so thanks for helping me get it started 🙂

      1. Alex Barker says:

        Thanks for the info and I’m glad I got you to start!

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