This episode features Jon Stolpe. Jon is an author and blogger at, where he has an emphasis on “stretching” yourself. Check out his site or connect with him on Twitter.

1. What does “quality living” mean to you personally?

  • Col. 4:2-6
  • Making the most out of every opportunity
  • Sharing your faith with someone
  • With family, co-workers, friends, acquaintances.

2. What is something simple that you use/do to work toward a better quality of living?

  • He lives and breathes through his calendar.

3. What is a failure you’ve had and what lesson did you learn?

  • At his daughter’s track and field meet, the event too long. As a result, he failed to make sure his son was able to get to his scouts event.
  • He failed to speak up when some friends did some things they shouldn’t have, which led to negative consequences to them.

We spend a little time talking about the book, “On Track: Life Lessons from the Track and Field”

  • He discovered that he could run a longer distance by slowing down a bit.
  • It is a result of is love for running, writing, and faith.

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Questions: Has your life gotten off track? How can you get back on? Any suggestions for others?

2 comments on “Simple Tips to Keep Your Life on Track | Jon Stolpe (#055)

  1. Kathy Brunner says:

    I loved this Josh. Especially the part about being able to go a longer distance by slowing down. That mindset seems so contradictory and yet our best productivity is often reached after a pause to refresh. Enjoy your messages very much.

    1. Jon Stolpe says:

      Great comment, Kathy. Joshua did an excellent job drawing that detail out of my book and our interview. It was such an honor to be featured this week.

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