I asked people a while ago about something that helps them to have a better quality of life. Several people answered that reading blogs, listening to podcasts, and writing were some things that helped to improve their quality of life. I agree with this, so I’ll share some things about blogging and podcasting.

Click to see some blogs and podcasts I follow (note: these are previous post, and some of these may have changed; but these are very good lists).

Benefits of blogging and/or podcasting:

  • You can train yourself to write regularly
  • You can start to be viewed as an expert in your field
  • You can start to create connections with people
  • These benefits can help your business
  • It can help you write a book

Benefits of reading blogs and listening to podcasts:

  • Connect with other bloggers/podcasters
  • Connect with their audience
  • Part of continuing education and growth

How to start blogging:

  • Pick a topic (or a couple of closely related topics) that you can write about consistently
  • Choose a name, title, and sub-title
  • Choose the right domain name
  • Setup either a WordPress.com account or install a self-hosted WordPress.org blog (see below for video and link to Michael Hyatt’s tutorial)
  • Write!
  • Try to be consistent – people are creatures of habit
  • Include a picture with each post – be careful about copyrights (Flickrr and iStockPhoto are two options)

How to start podcasting:

  • Similar to starting a blog: topic, name/title, etc.
  • Consistency is important here as well
  • Strive for the best audio quality you can

Some basic equipment/software:

Sources of help with podcasting:

Do you have any thing to add to these benefits or steps?

See more from Michael Hyatt’s tutorial

0 comments on “Simple Tips for Blogging and Podcasting

  1. These are great tips. I would add to your blogging list: read a lot of blogs. Reading other people’s blogs helps you get a feel for what works and doesn’t work in blog format.

    Awesome post from a guy who’s killing it!!

    1. Reading others’ blogs can help you get a feel for other styles. Some are very short and concise with lots of bullet points; some are longer and tell stories.

    2. Yeah. Read sieverkropp.com, mattmcwilliams.com, getservekeep.com, caroldublin.com, chrislocurto.com…. Should I keep going?

      1. Yes, since you started, you should at least finish the CLoTribe 🙂

  2. Thanks for the shout out Joshua…keep rocking this great content!

    1. Thanks, John. Wish I started listening to your show earlier – it’ll be hard trying to catch up on 250+ shows!

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