This is just a short episode to tell you about the official launch of my book, “Leave Nothing Undone: 13 Key Lessons from the Life of Joshua.” When I started this podcast in February, 2013, the first several episodes included some of the topics included in this book. On the podcast, I also include an audio version of the introduction as a sample (I do plan to have a full audio version available soon).

The book is available on the Kindle (or Kindle app on iPhone, iPad, Android, etc.) and in paperback. I’ll give links and instructions below.

I do give a plug this week for a product by Kent Sanders (from episode #009 “Simplifying Your Life with Evernote“) called “The Take Note System.” It is a detailed, step-by-step approach to learning and using Evernote. I would highly recommend this. He is also running a special until December 20, 2013, so hurry up and check it out!

If you would like to get more information about “Leave Nothing Undone,” you can visit the website.

The book is available in Kindle format ($5.99) and in paperback ($7.99). Here’s some special offers for you:

  • If you want a paperback version, I will give you a Kindle version as well! Just e-mail your receipt for the paperback copy, and, after I verify it, I will e-mail you the link for the Kindle version. You will also be added to a list to receive the audio version when it is available.
  • Plus, to make it better, enter the discount code TMLSGSSF when checking out (for the paperback only). This will give you a 25% discount (about $2 off). This discount will only be available until New Years.
  • If you have a blog or podcast and would like to feature this book either by reviewing it, interviewing me, or having me do a guest post, I will provide you a free copy of the Kindle and audio version. If you would like to do this, e-mail me to arrange this.

Also, just a reminder that there is a book giveaway contest. Only a couple days left! Two books will be given to the two top commentators (leave a comment below!), and one book will be given randomly to someone on my e-mail list (sign up below!).

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  1. Jon Stolpe says:

    Congrats on your new book!

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