If you are going to pursue your dreams, it’s probably not going to be easy.

Our guest is Doc Kennedy of The Dream Warriors Podcast. He was introduced to me by Mark Sieverkropp (check out his post about being a Connector). Doc is a filmmaker and podcaster, and I’m excited to share his story today. You can also connect with him on Twitter and Facebook.

What does quality living mean to you?

What is something that helps you pursue that quality of living?

  • Putting in quality time serving at church.
  • Remembering that this life is not about me.
  • Have a regular morning routine – waking up at 6:28 AM (because his birthday is June 28)

What is a failure that you’ve had and a lesson you learned from it?

The most important thing is learning to forgive yourself.

Relationship failures are the ones that stick out the most. Doc had an engagement that failed. He believes that God will use the experience to help him become better for when the “right one” comes.

What are you doing as a filmmaker?

Started with stand up comedy, and tried to use it to move into filmmaking. He was able to work with video at his church, and learned a lot volunteering about 20 hours. It was a win-win situation, both helping the media crew and helping himself learn more. Eventually became employed by the church. He is now persuing video production and filmmaking himself.

The Dream Warriors Podcast

Doc interviews people that are fighting for the life they dream of. There are people at all stages of pursuing their dream, from those that have “arrived” to those that are beginning or in the middle of the journey.

Question: Are you pursuing your dream? What obstacles are you facing?

2 comments on “Is Pursuing Your Dream Like a Battlefield? (#059)

  1. Doc Kennedy says:

    Thank so much for having me on your show, Josh! You’re a great host.

    1. It was great to have you! Wish you the best in your endeavors!

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