Dave Arnold joins us this week. He is a writer, author, and speaker. He blogs at Reflections From the Alley.

Plug of the Week

This week, I would like to specifically mention Chris LoCurto’s Life Plan. He has been on this podcast twice, in fact in episode 34, he shared some great information about personality styles. Chris LoCurto does coaching with individuals and businesses. He has three main focuses: Strategic Planning (business), Coaching, and Life Plan.

How would do define a quality life?

Flourishing – someone who is flourishing in a holistic way. Forward living. Moving forward. Toward helping other people. Making an impact in the world.

What are a couple simple things that help you work toward a quality life?

  • It boils down to choices. We can’t be passive in growth – we have to be intentional.
  • “Destiny deterance”
  • Have a growth goal. Pick one thing to work on.

Can you share a failure or struggle?

He grew up in a single parent home and didn’t become a Christian until adulthood. At a small Bible college, he put up a show on the outside, but he felt an emptiness inside. It wasn’t until years later when he began working with inner-city kids at a church. God was able to use his past to be able to connect with those kids.

PilgrimsOfTheAlleyWhat is “the alley?”

  • It is a metaphor for a place that is challenging, unexpected, ordinary.
  • The alley is the place where we grow.
  • It’s where we become more like the person we’re supposed to be.
  • When we’re comfortable, we don’t really grow – we’re not pushed.

Pilgrims of the Alley – Living Out Faith in Displacement

  • Displacement is being outside of our natural place. He wrote the book to share hope.
  • It’s in that place that God can shape us and mold us to help us be torch-bearers.
  • Three sections. The third section is “Blessings.” It denotes the meaning of what we can give more than what we can get. Simple acts of kindness.


Question: What kind of struggles have you had? How have you overcome them?

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  1. Dave Arnold says:

    Thanks Josh for the interview. It’s a real honor!

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