I am working on putting together an e-book and audio book on the topic of Essential Elements of a Quality Life. I plan on going through the previous episodes of this podcast and the blog posts on the blog, and organize them into this book.

Here’s a couple topics/interviews I was thinking about drawing from:

  • Gratitude (Matt McWilliams)
  • Purpose (Mark Sieverkropp)
  • Personal Accountability (John Miller and Kristin Lindeen)
  • Core Values (Dave Stachowiak)
  • Personal Growth (Chris LoCurto)
  • Passion (Dan Miller, John Lee Dumas, Pat Flynn, Jon Acuff, Scott Barlow)
  • Productivity (Erik Fisher and Jim Woods)

I’m looking for your input. What are some of the things that you feel should be included? Out of the different episodes, are there any quotes or stories you feel should be included?

Leave a comment below or e-mail me your thoughts.

Also, I have put together a survey, looking for your thoughts and opinions about what a quality life is.

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