This week, I have the privilege to talk with Henry Matlock about his new book, Create a Stunning e-Book Cover. We also talk about his other books:

  • “The Bible Cure for Anxiety”
  • “Daily Deposits for the Soul”

Henry’s book about e-Book covers started several years ago when he self-published his first e-book, but chose a standard, stock cover. It was less than impressive, to say the least. That led him to learn to redesign the cover himself. Yes, he could have chosen to hire someone else to do the work, but decided to try to save some money and do it himself. Through the process, he found a great way to make stunning looking eBook covers!

If you are interested in his step-by-step book on how to do this, go here to find out more and order it:

We also dived into some questions about Quality Living:

What does “quality living” mean to you?

What is a failure that you’ve hard striving for a better quality of life?

What are some simple tools, tips, or ideas you use to help have a better quality of life?

What are some resources you would recommend?

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