This week, I have an interview with Dave Stachowiak, and we’re talking about core values. You can find out more about Dave at

Here are some of the questions he answers:

  1. What are core values?
  2. Why are core values important?
  3. How many core values should you have?
  4. How do  you start choosing core values?

We also had a question submitted by Mark Sieverkropp:

Can you describe the difference between a mission statement and core values? I have a feeling that they are distinct and both have a place, but I’m curious to know how you define both and what role they play in a personal, family or organizational life.

Here are some of the links from the show:

Importance of Core Values

Coaching For Leaders Episode #20 – Your Core Values

List of Core Values (as mentioned in the show)

Questions: Have you set your core values? Would you share them below? Any other questions or comments about core values?

0 comments on “Core Values with Dave Stachowiak – QLMS #006

  1. Steve Chase says:

    Nice interview with Dave. My core values are Integrity, Service, Teamwork, Excellence, and Joy.

    1. Awesome Steve – so glad you tuned into our conversation!

      I like the joy one a lot. Bonni has a set of frames in our bedroom that reads, “And they lived joyfully ever after.” =)

    2. Thanks for sharing, Steve. Those are great core values. Teamwork and excellence almost made my top 5, too.

  2. Wade_Thorson says:

    Josua and Dave thanks for the interview! Core values is something that has been on my mind for awhile since hearing how important it is to companies like Zappos. After hearing the interview one thing I have thought about doing is taking our company values and review one a week with my team. Right now I would say no one knows what they are or if there is value in them.
    It also made me wonder if I should be looking at doing a mission statement and core values for my family. It would be interesting to go through the process with my kids to define the family core values.

    1. That’s a great idea, Wade. Never thought of doing a mission statement and core values for family. I might have to do that as well!

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