• Everyone has a desire to do work they love.
  • However, not everyone thinks it’s possible to actually do that.
  • Some that do think it’s possible but don’t know how to make it happen.

My goal for this year is build my side business enough that it can replace my current full-time job before December.

In this episode, I go back and revisit some past guests and the key insights from them regarding this topic of doing work you love. Just a couple episodes ago, Kimanzi Constable was on and shared some step-by-step advice, so I won’t be revisiting that in this episode.

Here are the guests you’ll hear in the episode:

  • Scott Barlow
  • Jim Woods
  • Jeff Steinmann

Here are some other resources to help you pursue work you love:

  • Happen To Your Career (Scott Barlow)
  • 48 Days to the Work You Love (Dan Miller)
  • Quitter (Jon Acuff)
  • Start (Jon Acuff)
  • Quit Working (Jeff Steinmann)

Here are some other guests I have interviewed:

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