Today, Erik J. Fisher joins us once again. He was on the show previously to share some great social media tips (QLMS #016). Today, we are talking about productivity.

Erik is the host of the popular podcast “Beyond the To-do List.” It is one of the top podcasts in its category (accompanying podcasts like Dave Ramsey’s “EntreLeadership” podcast, Dan Miller’s “48 Days” podcast, and John Dumas’ “Entrepreneur on Fire” podcast.

Erik starts by sharing how he got started with productivity and “Beyond the To-do List”. It is one of his great passions and pursuits.

Erik has been able to interview dozens of great people, digging into their lives and how they accomplish things. He shares several that have stood out to him and several of the best productivity tips he’s come across.

Erik has also joined Jim Woods in writing a 3 volume e-book. The first is”Beyond the To-do List Volume 1: Goals.” He shares some things about the project. At the time the interview was recorded, the book was not released yet, but it is available now on Amazon. I also wrote a review of the book here, sharing some personal connections with the book.

If you’ve listened to Beyond the To-do List podcast, what are your favorite takeaways?

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