Jon Acuff is one of the speakers on Dave Ramsey’s team. He speaks across the country, has written several books, and continues to share great things on his blog and social media networks. Also, check out and

Jon took a little time to talk with me and answer several questions in a lightning-round fashion.

Here are the questions that were submitted, and we were able to tackle all of them!

  • “How can you get your spouse on the right side of your dream?” – Lily Krietinger
  • “It’s been great to watch how Dave has served, mentored, and supported Jon. How has Dave’s influenced impacted the way Jon is serving and mentoring new leaders?” – Michael Nichols
  • “Jon, as you visit with folks, what is the biggest obstacle they encounter when trying to achieve their dreams and goals, and how can it be overcome?” – Mark Sieverkropp
  • “If you had to do the last 5 years over, A) what would you do differently and B) what would you tell yourself 5 years ago, pending successful time travel invention of Dr. Emmet Brown” – Alex Barker

I was also able to ask him these questions:

  1. What do you do and how did you get there?
  2. How would your wife describe you?
  3. How do you balance work and family, especially with traveling and speaking?
  4. You share tons of advice for people looking to pursue their dream job, what would be the top 3 things you would suggest for people to do to get started?

There was also some discussion about public displays of affection, Flat LoCurto, and Chris LoCurto (the 3D version of Flat LoCurto)!

Extra! Extra!

Also, in Jon’s book “Start.” he tells a story about a plane ride he took. As he was talking with a couple ladies, he happened to have a copy of his book “Quitter,” so he gave it to them. He says this about that time:

I promise, I don’t do that every time I fly. I don’t wear cargo pants full of my books and then say, “Oh, what’s this? How did this get in my pocket? That’s crazy!”

Well, it seems that he has some books in his cargo pants today! (Click to Tweet that!) He is giving away a couple copies of “Start.” Here’s what you need to do to qualify:

  1. Listen to the episode. No seriously – you HAVE to listen to it!
  2. Leave a comment below. Share your story. Share what you’re working toward. Something.
  3. Fill out this form. (This form will enter you, and you’ll be added to the e-mail list for this blog and to Jon Acuff’s blog)
  4. Tell you Twitter friends out there! No Twitter, copy this into your other social media: “Here’s your chance to win a free copy of @JonAcuff’s book “Start.” via @JoshuaWRivers” (or something similar will work)

That’s all! I’ll do a random drawing from those that complete these simple steps on July 17. The winners will be notified via e-mail.

Comment below! Have you Started? What are you doing to get Started? Have you become a Quitter? How else has Jon influenced you?

0 comments on “Are You Ready to Start? – Interview with Jon Acuff – QLMS #021

  1. Man, this interview was awesome Josh and Jon! I love your personality Jon, the interview was totally different than any others you hear from people. I just finished Quitter about a month ago and loved it. It changed how I look at my job and how it fits into my long term goals. I have started working on some projects that are allowing me to focus on training/speaking/consulting like I want to do. Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. I can share the same feeling. It has been a motivation for me as well.

  2. Lexie Coker Lee says:

    Joshua, this was a great interview. I am a part of the Start Experiment and am starting a blog and working on speaking engagements as part of expanding my brand. I did have trouble with the links above and with the link in my email.

    1. Thanks. The link is fixed now. I sent you an e-mail, too.

    2. Wade_Thorson says:

      Another excellent book recommendation for you on this journey would be Michael Hyatt’s Platform book if you haven’t already read it. It gives you very detailed information on growing your platform/brand.

      1. Lexie Coker Lee says:

        I just recently read Platform. It is excellent.

        1. That is a great book. I had mentioned it before, but I should do a podcast on it soon.

  3. Great advice on planning travel. It is something we have struggled with in our marriage as I have to travel quite a bit for work.

    Josh, you know I am a Starter. I love the book and am only entering because I give away copies and it’s getting expensive 🙂

    1. Now by give away you mean you tell people you’re going to give them a book…and then never do, right? 🙂

      1. Yes.

        (Sorry, haven’t been to my office in 4 weeks…and going on vacation next week…I fell down the stairs, traveled for work, then got sick…then my dog ate my…seriously those first three were true haha)

        On the way when I return in late July.

        1. And it’s only been like 6 months now…geesh. 🙂

          I should send a book on patience LOL

          1. Hahaha. Youre funny. And was I judging? No, just pointing out your MO when it comes To books!

    2. I’m not here to question motives. It’s okay if you’re a re-gifter 🙂

      1. long as you re-gift to me….

  4. Alex Barker says:

    Thanks for using my question. I need to listen his advice : BE PATIENT YOUNG PADAWAN

  5. Wade_Thorson says:

    Thanks for the interview Josh, some very good questions. As part of FPU I have been looking into some side jobs to become debt free and then having that lead into something long term. Jon’s obviously knows something about quitting the process to quitting the traditional job. I have went through Quitter, and Start has been on my list to order but I haven’t done it yet.

  6. Steve Chase says:

    I want to Start each day better than I did the day before with my family, community, and people I have the privilege to serve in my work. Awesome interview!

    1. That’s awesome, Steve – look at it one day at a time, and get better than yesterday!

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