Matt Ham provided a great guest post “The Myth of Life Balance” a couple weeks ago, and is joining us to tell a little more of his story on this episode. He focuses on what it means to live richly, and then how to reach for them.

What does Quality Living mean to you?

Matt compares Paul and Timothy in the Bible to Obi-wan Kenobi and Luke Skywalker. In 1 Timothy, Paul tells Timothy not to trust in wealth and material riches, but to trust in God.

What are some simple things that help you to reach for a better quality of life?

Matt shares a personal story revolving around the death of his aunt. He uses the acronym RICH:

  • Recognize that you’re broken
  • Investing in Others
  • Choose to be grateful
  • Humble yourself with confidence

What is a failure that you’ve learned from?

Matt tells about taking the risk of moving to Florida to work with a real estate company. After making a great living, he adapted to the higher lifestyle. As the market turned, so did his income. But he was left with a lot of problems.

He learned to take responsibility for his actions. He also learned more about forgiveness.

(I was privileged to talk about bitterness and forgiveness on The Artist’s Suitcase with Kent Sanders.)

Free eBook: “I Am Here”

Go to Matt’s website to find out more about getting his free ebook, “I Am Here.”

Are You Living Richly?

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