430: How to Overcome the Challenges and Avoid Self-Sabbotage

Today’s episode of Success Road features Lydia Lee. Lydia is the founder of Screw The Cubicle, a movement to inspire people to break free from the shackles of conventional work. Lydia works with talented professionals who want to repurpose their skills towards a more meaningful career.

Lydia’s Story Of Becoming A Business Owner

Lydia did not plan on changing careers. In 2012, she experienced a really bad health scare during a business trip in Russia. She had a nervous breakdown and wasn’t able to leave her hotel room for several days. It was during this time that she realized that she wanted more freedom and balance in her life. She did not like bureaucracy and politics. At first, she repackaged herself as a consultant, and her previous employer was her first client. This kind of business is what Lydia calls a low-hanging fruit transition business. Her current business, Screw The Cubicle, was kind of a bit of an accident. It was a blog that she started when she was struggling with her job. And it was also sort of a resource and a place that she would send her mother, friends, and colleagues. Now, seven years later, this is her primary business and is something that she absolutely enjoys.

Common Challenges For Potential Business Owners

Lydia says that many people know what they want to do for a business, but they often get tripped up when they ask, ”What’s the next step?” Often the moment someone starts to think too much into the future, the brain starts to imagine all sorts of consequences for quitting their day job. 

Another issue is that as humans we want to belong. We want to be liked. So when someone switches careers, after having been in a different career for 15-20 years, and it is common to have your identity tied to your career. So, in many cases, the first challenge is a shift of identity when you pursue something different.

The second obstacle is that it can be hard to imagine other ways to use your skills. Because we are busy living our lives, it’s really hard to kind of step out of our own bodies, and observe. We need perspective. We are too close to the situation. It’s hard to think of new opportunities and to be creative when you are focused on the status quo. 

Some Common Self Sabotaging Habits

As you know, we live in a modern digital age. Rarely do we need more information. If anything, we often have too much information. In many cases, the bigger obstacle is getting out of our own way. That sounds sort of simpler, but I think that is actually a great place to take that reflection. 

While there are many benefits to technology, it can often become a distraction. When we’re about to make a life change, a lot of times we find ourselves browsing online or scrolling, as we look for inspiration. But that inspiration can quickly turn into comparison as we look at other people’s lives or other people’s businesses. Online, we often put our best profile out there. We’re never talking about bad days on Instagram. It is really easy to feel like a loser when we compare ourselves to others. 

Lydia also expands more on these concepts and shares why it is so important to not compare our beginnings with someone else’s progress. I highly recommend you listen to the full episode for more details. In addition, you can connect with Lydia on her website. Lydia offers some resources that will help you if you want to start or business or if you just feel unsatisfied in your career. 

Thanks so much for listening to Success Road, and special thanks to Lydia for being a guest.