428: The Power of the 3 C’s of Self-Leadership

Today’s episode of Success Road features Benjamin Ritter. Benjamin is a leadership and empowerment coach who is also the founder of Live For Yourself Consulting. If you’re wanting to start a new career, or you just want to become a better leader, you’ll really enjoy this episode. 

Why Self-Leadership Is Key

Benjamin says the most important leader is the one that resides within you. On that note, self-leadership is the ability to lead yourself. However, when most people talk about leadership, though, they often look towards others. The only person that leads you to taking action is you, ultimately. Your brain controls your body. 

The Power of The 3 C’s

The three CS are clarity, confidence, and control. Clarity is what you care about or your values. Then confidence is really just the belief in yourself that you can work towards these things. Too often people just don’t take action because they doubt themselves. They ruminate and overthink. The last C is control. No matter how you feel, no matter if you’re having a bad day, or you’re having relationship issues or something, you still have the control to understand what you care about. 

Finding Clarity

Most people struggle with finding clarity. So to gain a level of clarity, answer this simple question: what drives you? What makes you wake up? Why do you feel stuck at your current position? Why do you feel like it’s not right for you? 

Exploring these questions will often give you the clarity that you want. Once you have clarity, just put it into action in the form of goals. You’ll have to be specific. 

What can you say no to? This will help you create more boundaries. When you can say to yourself, “I’m working on the most important thing right now,” you’ll know that you are on the right track. 

How Self-Leadership Works

Self-leadership focuses on creating an environment that relates to what you care about and it aligns. And so it’s about making connections with people that are on the same page as you, or working towards the same thing, or these individuals have already been where you want to be.

When you’re investing in those relationships, the other relationships may fall to the wayside, especially your closest relationships if you’re not communicating with them. Part of a relationship is finding someone that shares similar values, but that might not always mean that they’re interested in the same things.

It’s important to lead with this non-judgemental mindset. Not everyone will actually have the same level of passion or spark that you have for your passion.

There is even more information included in this insightful episode. If you’d like to connect with Benjamin, I recommend you check out his website or connect with him on LinkedIn

I highly recommend you listen to it. Thanks so much for listening to Success Road and being a part of this community. Special thanks to Benjamin for being a guest.