427: Growing Your Business Through Podcasting

Case Lane is a speaker, entrepreneur and consultant. She also has a podcast called The Ready Entrepreneur and is the author of the book Podcast Discoveries. We will talk about how we can utilize podcasting to help grow our business as well as how you can be a great podcast host and guest. 

Case’s Personal Story

Case started self-publishing ebooks while in law school. She was interested in writing and was fascinated by the opportunity that Amazon and Smashwords presented by allowing writers to directly reach their readers. That led her to pursue entrepreneurship and having an online business. 

Case realized that most online entrepreneurs don’t have a clear path they can take, so that’s why she started creating content to help online entrepreneurs. It’s no surprise that she uses her academic background to reach individuals in a way to help them learn. 

How To Learning About Entrepreneurship

For those just starting to learn about becoming an entrepreneur, Case recommends books such as Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. This book was originally published in the early 1930s and is still very  relevant today. One of the most amazing things mentioned in this book is that people need to have specialized knowledge. A fact you hear all the time today from many online business experts. 

Case also encourages aspiring entrepreneurs to read the biographies and the autobiographies of famous entrepreneurs, such as John D. Rockefeller. When you actually read their stories, you find out that entrepreneurs come from everywhere. They come from every kind of background. They come from all sorts of beginnings. The facts about these individuals helps others learn about real-life entrepreneurship. 

Entrepreneurship is not necessarily being an inventor in your garage. It’s about what you have to deliver to others using information-based products. You can teach people how to help other people.

Finding Customers And Telling Them What You Have

Case compares reaching your customer with a medieval marketplace. Essentially, everybody comes in from the countryside to sell what they have in town. The gates of the city are wide open. Anybody can come in, but then you have to get the attention of the people that are there shopping. 

People today are online all day searching for things that they want or need. They’re searching on many websites such as Google, Amazon, and Facebook. They might even just be scrolling around in random places as they are searching for something. The key is to find where the people you want to reach hang out. 

The Power of Community

Case says that going to conferences were very important in her entrepreneurial journey. She says when you go to a conference, you realize that there are a lot more people doing the same thing. You get to meet lots of other people and form relationships. Then you have the ability to ask them different questions, such as what apps do you use? Which coaches did you like? What courses have you taken? All of this information proves to be invaluable, especially over the long-haul.

The Power Of Getting Started

When someone is just starting out with a project such as podcasting, Case recommends telling others that your project is going live at a specific date. This deadline is important because it helps you move forward. It’s totally normal to be nervous when starting out, especially if you are podcasting. Almost everybody hates the sound of their own voice. But as Case has podcasted over the years, she got used to her voice. The same approach applies to anything that you want to do too. You might want to start making videos, selling things, crafting emails, or more. You’ll get better over time and keep improving with regular practice.