423: The Incredible Power of Perspective

When you’re starting or growing your business, it is extremely helpful to get outside help. Specifically, I’m referring to help in the form of coaching, consulting, masterminds. Of course, you can (and probably should) get some help on regular daily tasks, especially when those tasks need to be done, but take your time and focus away from the most important and revenue driven tasks.

Last week on the podcast, I shared an interview I had with Matt Clark. It was a fantastic interview and gave me some really great takeaways and things to think about. After the interview, he ended up giving me a spontaneous coaching session. I’m going to share that part of the conversation with you, and it picks us right after we ended the official interview. If you didn’t listen to that episode, you’ll definitely want to go back and listen to that conversation first – this episode will make more sense.

422: Get More Leads and Scale Your Business

Today’s episode of Success Road features Matt Clark. Matt specializes in helping coaches, consultants and advisors get more leads. If you have a small business, you know the importance of finding new customers. This podcast episode provides valuable insights that will help you automate the sales process and find more qualified leads.  Matt started doing door-to-door sales and transitioned to online marketing.

After the conversation I had with Matt, I also started working with a business coach, who agreed with what I needed to work on. In order for me to really hone in on what my offer is and how to present it, I needed to get clear on who I wanted to serve. So I started to delve into who my target audience is and create a specific avatar. His name is Anthony. I loosely based him on one of my clients that I absolutely love working with. I’m currently working on my offer – as Matt plainly told me – I’m too cheap and have basically positioned my service as a commodity.

Another aspect that I’m getting help to work on my business – rather than in my business – is through my mastermind group. We’ve been meeting weekly since late March of 2020, and have only missed a couple weeks. We take turns being in the “hot seat” where we can each get help in specific areas where we need improvement or to help us get clarity on what we should be focusing on. It has been very helpful for me to get this extra perspective between my business coach and mastermind group.

Next week on the podcast, I’ll be sharing a conversation with Brad Hart, and we’ll be delving into exactly what a mastermind is, different ways of doing it, and the benefits from these groups. If you think you might be interested in either getting coaching yourself or joining a mastermind group, let me know and I’d love to help you get going with either or both of these. Send me an email, joshua@podcastguymedia.com, and I’ll help you get started.