422: Get More Leads and Scale Your Business

Today’s episode of Success Road features Matt Clark. Matt specializes in helping coaches, consultants and advisors get more leads. If you have a small business, you know the importance of finding new customers. This podcast episode provides valuable insights that will help you automate the sales process and find more qualified leads. 

Matt started doing door-to-door sales and transitioned to online marketing. After some experience with online businesses, he realized there was a big need for finding new leads. 

He wasn’t having any success with Facebook and the traditional routes to find new leads. He realized that LinkedIn gave him a platform to be able to just find and connect, and reach out to my ideal clients. He starts conversations and then converts them into customers. 

The Key To Sales

Matt says one of the biggest challenges businesses face is “How do you get people interested in what it is that you’re doing?” You need a message that’s going to capture people and lead them to take action. Then you want to take them through a repeatable sales process. A common approach is to start off with something like a landing page where people can learn about what you do. Then people can see what connects with them and then find out more about how you can help them get results. 

The best part about this approach is that it is evergreen. It doesn’t need to change. When the sales process is streamlined, businesses save yourself tons of time and even have these potential customers watch a video or take a questionnaire before anyone gets on a sales call with them. In addition, this approach provides many opportunities to scale up your business.

Finding The Ideal Client

Everything starts with your ideal client. Many business owners say that they have between two and four different potential ideal clients. But it is important to narrow it down to one person. One of the best questions to ask is “Who would you be willing to put time and energy and effort into to get on a phone call with?” Another great question to ask is ”What are the biggest problems you can solve in the easiest way?”  

Matt recommends taking a look at your previous clients. Summarize how it went in words. You might say, “Okay, cool. Well, you know, I’ve helped five different people. Some of them were in the same industry, some of them weren’t. But I really liked working with this person.” And you can start building a model around that person. Ask questions like: 

  • What industry are they in? 
  • What is their job title? 
  • What size company do they have? 
  • What was the big problem that you solved for them? 
  • Do other people have this kind of problem too? 

And you just go and look for you to solve that one problem, and then look for more people with that problem.  

You can connect with Matt via LinkedIn here or reach him directly at connect@thevirtualedge.com. In addition, Matt has invited Success Road listeners to get his 20-minute LinkedIn Profile makeover